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Herve Samb

"I'm an urban African, man." This musician has always said that the jungle he comes from is the asphalt one. Already at eleven years old he was deep into the blues and rock. So, logically, he put a band together in Dakar, a city that enthralled him. And luckily for him, at that early age, he met Pierre van Dormael, a Belgian guitarist who helped show him the way. "I was into the blues, and he introduced me to jazz. But it was more than that. He taught me how to learn." In place of an academy Hervé preferred the street as his school, applying himself assiduously in the clubs. So at 19 he moved to Paris in 1988, where he immediately started making the rounds and was soon playing with everyone and everywhere, be it jams, clubs, concerts or recording sessions. By 2004 he was flying in and out of New York on a regular basis. "There's an energy there. Something electric, a driving force. It makes you grow up musically."

"Time to Feel is above all a visionary work that digs through the roots of black music in order work them off of each other... With this album Hervé Samb raises the bar high and reveals just what an artist he is, as we've seen with this group in the most respected jazz festivals, leaving a mark that stands out in a thousand, this guitarists is one of the great names that matter... Hervé Samb
has so much intelligence and savoir-faire, be it the level of his compositions, arrangements, his acoustic or electric guitar technique, that each title on this album follows one after the other with subtlety and finesse like a string of polished stones."

Mac & Guitare

“We find on Time to Feel all the ingredients that make Hervé Samb one of the African continent’s greatest revelations at the beginning of the twenty-first century: softness and energy of a mega-melodic technique, feline groove, M-Base-influenced meter and circularity, polymorphic sonority encompassing the history of jazz-rock-electro-bop-acoustic, the blues and a transfigured Africa.”

Jazz Magazine, October 2013


  • Hervé Samb: Guitar
  • Reggie Washington: Bass Guitar, Contrabass
  • Irvin Acao: Sax Tenor & Soprano
  • Sonny Troupe: Drumset





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